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Construction is now underway. The first job is to seal the outer building. The building is a typical 2 storey timber barn built with a 4 x 2 frame and a simple timber cladding made from 6" x 1/2" hardwood rough cut with 2" x 1/2" battens over the joins.

Meet the builders - Greg in green - Mark in blue and me in black

It is pretty well impossible to seal this setup without getting in a foam gun etc so we decided not to bother and to just seal the inside wall. We did this with 5/8" (16mm) firecheck plasterboard. We also sealed the ceiling but this time we attached the firecheck to a furring channel to increase the STC between the downstairs area and the upstairs flat.


on the left is Graham carpenter and the bloke in red is Uzi.



All the walls and ceiling were then sealed off with plaster and we are ready to start with the internal studio walls. The first walls to be built are the outer walls of the booths. These are made on the floor, stood into place and squared and braced and then laid back on the floor and clad with 16mm Plasterboard and sealed. They are then stood back up into place. The reason for this is that in this construction we are placing the plaster on the outside of the wall so that we can use the cavity for the internal acoustics.


The internal frame is 70 x 35mm Pine (3" x 1 1/2") so this allows us a 70mm (3") airspace internally for further acoustic treatment. The wall panels were made up to the line of the ridge beams as one section then joined to the other wall sections and sealed.


More to Come!! Checkout Update 2

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