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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 1:05 pm 

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Hi everyone!

I'm into acoustic design process for new studio (with pro acoustic designer).
I was wondering what are your opinions about ventilation needs in machine room.

Current plan is to put 2 ventilation systems (fresh air supply / stale air exhaust with heat exchanger) in control room and studio room - 2 separate systems for each room (for better control).
There will be also Split-inverter AC system (separated from ventilation)
2- separated systems , one in each room.
BUT what about machine room?
I konw - machines should be placed in relatively cool room but I can't see reason why machines should have fresh air...

1) Is ventilation (fresh air intake/stale air exhaust) necessary in machine room? There is not people there breathing...only machines

2) Could I plan separated AC system in machine room (for cooling machines) and leave out ventilation ?

Why even I consider this?
a) There won't be lots of equipment in machine room - so conditions won't be extreme at all - only 2 computers and small format Neve console power supply in 9m2 , 3,3m high room
there will be more equipment in future but not large SSL power supply or so

b) Ventilation system should be shared (if I decide to go for it in machine room) with control room - which means no separated control for ventilation...and those room have different needs

c) machine room will have 2 windows - so natural ventilation is also possible

d) soundproofing is not problem - machine room door are connected with hall so door could be open if needed - for more natural ventilation

e) money saving - don't wanna do something just for luxury if it is not really necessary


Thank you in advance for any comment/advice/help :-)


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PostPosted: Fri Jun 15, 2012 5:58 pm 
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Because you haven't filled out your profile properly as required by the rules of this forum, it's impossible to tell what your requirements would be in terms of climate.

Generally I'd say the machine room would not require a fresh air supply system as you mention there are windows which would provide for this if necessary - you could add an exhaust fan to one of the windows in case of the need to quickly vent the room (If you've ever experienced a powersupply or other device literally go up in smoke...).
The machine room however could very well need a dedicated AC.

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 19, 2012 4:41 am 
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tapping into the air exchange to provide cool air and pull heated air in the machine closet is good because you then control the humidity, etc which open windows may not afford, as well as security, sun light on electronics or tape, etc. a small duct off the main ones for the CR (so it's running when you're most likely using it) should be easy enough. in reality, just setting up the ducts with automatic dampers (think multi-zone) should suffice and keep your costs down.


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