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PostPosted: Mon Oct 02, 2017 10:44 pm 
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Hello again,

I am trying to plan my ventilation system for m mixing / project room (1).

- I got 2 rooms, (1) 100 cubic meters, (2) 250 cubic meters. This here is mostly about room (1) !

- I am going to build 2 walls (blue) lime-sand brick, so the rooms (1) and (2) will effectivly have a double wall between them. The wall (blue) around room (1) will be 24cm thick, the wall around room (2) a bit thinner, to have another resonance frequency.

- in the beginning I planned to have one ventilation system for both rooms, but that would have meant that one or two pipes would have penetrated the walls (blue) between room (1) and (2) right next to the doors (b) and (c) . the ceilings are not too high (2,55m), so the ventilation pipes will be hanging from the ceiling. that is why I came up with two seperate ventilation systems: one for the room (1) on the top left (grey, "ac"), and a second one for room (2) in the bottom right (not shown, not important right now). does this make sense? Or is there a proper way to silence a pipe between room (1) and (2) in the same strenght that the doors (b) and (c) will damp? (appr. 38-42dB).

- regarding the HVAC/ventilation (grey, top left):
I am considering this, please tell me if they make sense at all:
A recuperator / heat exchanger with a built-in fan brings in fresh air from the outside into the back of room (1), maybe with an included heater.
in the front, the exhausted air will be sucked out and blown into room 3.
before you scream rule violation: room 3 is an entrance and basement storage room, nobody will stay in that room, plus it is not heated. The idea is that the heat that is not exchanged (like the 30% heat loss, that the recuperator wont be able to feed to the fresh air stream) stays in the building and prevents the basement / cellar (3) from getting too cold and mouldy.
EDIT: I was told now moisture is a problem here. when (3) is colder than (1) all the moisture will condense again in (3), so I abandoned that idea.

- does a recuperator / heat exchanger make sense? it costs 2000-3000€ and uses 200-300W. A simple fan costs 100€ and uses 40-60W. Is it worth the difference? It is a basement, it will never need cooling, so I want to keep as much energy as possible in the room.

- the doors (a b c d) will be acoustic / silenced doors, so the path of the least resistance for the exhaust airflow will be the entrance door and some other old ventilation openings in the wall (left).
will this work or will the exhausted air build up too much pressure when it is not pushed outside?

- as you can see, I thought of connecting the space between the walls at doors (b) and (c) with room (3), to prevent air pressure when opening those doors. that should work right?
I haven't finally planned the distance of the walls. would 5cm be enough?

- Do I need to take certain pipes? As they are hanging at the ceiling I might have to fix them somehow... I dont want them to audibly resonate.

- next questions would be silencer boxes, I thought of one 1-2m 2layer pipe for LF, and one of those labyrinth-boxes for MF & HF. question would be how many bends and 180degree turns would be acceptable without building up too much air resistance... but that comes later in the planning I guess :)

I hope I gave all important informations,
thank you alot in advance, I'm excited to hear what you think!

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Sounddesigner / Musician / Mixer / Animation Artist from Cologne,Germany

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