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Ventilation for a home studio, UK
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Author:  Soundman2020 [ Fri Jun 29, 2018 7:50 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Ventilation for a home studio, UK

That sounds reasonable. Designs can be expensive though so don't be too shocked, a lot of work goes into them.
It can be expensive, yes, but it doesn't have to be. Some designers offer itemized design services, where you only pay for the parts of the design that you need. Some things are optional. So check with your potential designers first, to find out if there are ways of reducing the cost.

I wouldn't go with a studio designer based on them being local though.
Very true! Not necessary at all.

The design requires no site visit usually and can be arranged entirely over the internet.
Absolutely. The vast majority of the studios that I have designed, have been purely "remote control". Studio Three, for example: I've never met the owner, nor even spoken to him on the phone, nor been anywhere near the studio, but it turned out pretty darn good! The same with the other room (the one that is currently in the process of final treatment and tuning of the CR): I have never met the owner, nor spoken to him, nor been to his studio, yet that one is also working out rather well. That's the norm: designing a studio at a distance with no site visit is entirely possible, and indeed, it's the normal way of doing it these days.

So pick the best designer you can afford and speak to them on the phone/skype.
:thu: But also check the track record of the designer, and talk to prior customers. Getting a cheap price is no use if the studio turns out lousy!

- Stuart -

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