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Ceiling slope in new garage studio
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Author:  UKJohn [ Sat Oct 13, 2018 12:49 am ]
Post subject:  Ceiling slope in new garage studio

Hi all,

John from Cheshire in the UK here.

I'm a long playing bass player (is that a record?!) and am using a builder to convert part of my garage into a studio for both recording and mixing.

I've had some advice on a different post regarding the make up of my room, where I posted dimensions etc, but I have a question purely regarding the shape of the ceiling of my new inner room, which I thought I'd post separately here. Because it's a pavilion roof, and I'm using only part of the garage, when you look longwise down the new room towards my proposed mixing position, the ceiling on the right side will slope to follow the slope of the outer roof. On the left hand side, the builder's plan was to make it 90 degrees. The room will be used for both mixing and recording (not ideal I totally appreciate). But from a mixing perspective I understand that symmetry is good. So I feel I should tell him to slope the ceiling on the left side in the same way as the right.

In my very impressive diagram, Option 1 shows the builder's current plan. Option 2 shows what I think will be better.

The black lines are the current garage outer boundaries. Blue is a proposed new internal partition wall. Red shows my inner room. The black line that's highlighted yellow will have increased mass so it will be my second (outer) leaf. The new partition wall (blue) will be the second leaf on that side.

The ceiling across the width of the new room will be sloped at both ends, following the existing roof slope.

Am I correct in sloping the left hand of the ceiling to match the right side as above?



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