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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 2:29 am 
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"Time for a design thread from you is it!???"

Ahhh, the exuberance of youth :twisted:

Greg, only HALF joking with that; interestingly, I had just finished reading through your "train wreck" experience, alternating among laughing, crying, swearing, or attempting to get enough "ordinance" past border patrol to help "solve" your contractor problem :roll: when you posted the above...

As usual, my misguided optimism causes me to understate the time things REALLY take, ; adding to that, my own experiences with contractors leads me to think that, although the studio re-do might go FASTER with help, it will actually be what I WANT if/when it's done, if I just do it all myself and avoid the necessity of threatening grievous bodily harm to anyone but me...

Sooo, the reality is more likely that I could be ready to START the actual design phase of the larger studio in that 2 years I mentioned - even more reality is that I may reach the "put things back in the bedroom/"sanity saver" room in a month or two :cry: - So the first new thread you're likely to see will probably be the re-do of my "not suck so bad modally" bedroom, and I'm not even sure how soon I can get to that.

Reason being: a couple of mandatory/massive projects I have no choice but to prioritize whenever weather allows. (older house, built by an idiot ("flashing?? Whut's that, won't I get arrested??!?") Result - ATM, my house is fully tented on south and east (weather sides, 88 feet total) and will remain fully tented til I finish removing every bit of T1-11 siding and at least half the sheathing, shore up the roof from outside, tear out and re-frame all the windows/doors, patch in new sill boards (dry rot), replace about 4 feet of the living room floor, add a header across back of attached garage for large window (to become new living/family room), add another bath that's accessible from in or outside, replace old windows with insulated ones (including TWO sliding doors), replace sheathing and siding, add on a 12'x24' "morning room" off the OTHER spare bedroom, (location for the OTHER sliding door), etc...

My version of "optimisim" - even if I were to somehow live an extra 100 years (in good health) I'm 100% sure somebody will be "patting me in the face with a shovel" before I EVER get bored... (pretty sure that means I WIN :mrgreen: )

Sooo, short answer: Probably not... Steve

Soooo, when a Musician dies, do they hear the white noise at the end of the tunnel??!? Hmmmm...

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 30, 2019 5:14 am 
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Fair enough. Well, stick around. It's awesome seeing you on the forum.


It appears that you've made the mistake most people do. You started building without consulting this forum.

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