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PostPosted: Wed Jul 30, 2003 8:49 am 
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This is to bypass the javascript headaches I had when trying to download the construction manual. Just click the following link, then right-click on the link at the bottom left side of the page, choose "save target as", and save it to your hard drive. Much faster searching, a wealth of info.

You'll need to register; do it, it's worth it.

Works better than trying to search the manual online -

For a Spanish version, click on the espanol link - you will be taken to a page where you can download the entire manual (or individual chapters) in Spanish.

Some helpful hints -

Pages 116-124 are of particular interest to studio builders, they cover multi-layer construction.

USG refers to screws as being three main types (gotta use the right kind)

They are,
Type G, which are for attaching Gypsum to Gypsum, also called Laminating screws; NOT RECOMMENDED.
Type S, which are for attaching Gypsum to STEEL (clever, huh?)
Type W, which are for attaching Gypsum to WOOD (even MORE clever...)

Now, if they would only put their Sound Control Manual in pdf form... Steve

Just got off the phone with Rod Gervais, a member here; Rod also moderates the acoustics forum on RO, and has more construction experience than most entire construction companies - he and I are in complete agreement on the following, confirmed by our phone conversation.

USG, on page 118-119 of the USG construction manual, (once we deciphered it) does indeed say that it's OK to use strip lamination and laminating (Type G) screws for face layers on sound walls - they recommend only about 6 actual permanent fasteners per sheet of drywall, placed across the short end of the sheet - then, a stripe of joint compound next to each stud (placed immediately prior to installing laminating screws) and about 5-6 laminating screws per sheet (look at the manual, there is a a diagram next to the text on those pages)

Both Rod and myself do NOT, repeat NOT, recommend this type of construction - neither of us has a high enough confidence level in joint compound to trust a wall with only 6 "real" screws to stay put with building shifts due to seismic, humidity, wind and temperature changes, especially since joint compound does NOT stay flexible enough to stay strong through all the normal movement of a building.

The concerns of some over flanking noise caused by fasteners going all the way through several layers of wallboard would ONLY be valid if that wall were a single frame wall with NO separation of the two leaves - as soon as you put up RC or separate frames, you've broken the flanking path to a large degree - the addition of a full cavity of fiberglass insulation finishes the job.

As pointless as it would be to use standard, fully coupled walls for sound attenuation, the use of any glue to avoid through-fasteners becomes a NON-issue -

Since this post is locked, please direct any comments to the "glue and screw" thread, located here -

Thanks... Steve

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Post new topic This topic is locked, you cannot edit posts or make further replies.  [ 1 post ] 

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