Green House Music Lab.

Bandung, Indonesia
This is home studio of James Argo, Homerecording.com BBS member.

The studio is called Green House Music Lab.


In the beginning, at about 2001...

It used to be my basement, where I worked my homey projects.

Another view...


In May 2004, I began to design & construct the whole places. Here is the rough layout design I made.


The studio will consist of MIDI/Sequencing room, Booth Room, and Mixing/Control room. Two computers used in MIDI/sequencing room and Mixing/Control room. Since the booth room is not suited for drums, I sold mine earlier. There would be only mics, guitars, basses, violins, and stuff. Drum part is MIDI sample/synth all the way.

I expanded the outer wall to obtain wider Booth room & Control room

Mr. Otong demolishing the old outer wall.


Outer wall demolished, Booth and Control rooms expanded. Hey, we got wider rooms now...


Next step is to cover the whole room with glass wool, and build ceiling absorber frame, It's Mr. Enang, our master carpenter.

Wall covered with glass wool. We put few layer on the ceiling. Glass wool, egg papers, and Albasia wood panel. It'll be covered with cosmetic fabric later.

Ceiling covered with Albasia wood panel.


Now, lets cover the ceiling with fancy motif fabric.

Ceiling covered with fancy fabric, in the final stage later, we're gonna install ceiling trap modules. Now we must install corner trap on every sharp corner of the rooms.

9mm multiplex filled with glasswool behind it. Just like the ceiling, we would also cover it with fancy green motif fabric. The pipe delivers fresh air from the outside into the rooms. We're gonna talk about it later.

Another view...

Corner trap installed, covered, anti-flutter panel installed on the way along the wall.

Cute, eh...? :-) That's all for now. More to come next week. Thanks for looking! Kudos to John Sayers! CU...

James Argo



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