Bluefield Studio


Bluefield Studio is being built by Dave Blauvelt.

Marietta, Georgia USA

First one is outside view of my house and barn. I've been renovating this 1910 farmhouse for about 8 years. You can see the ugly garage that is to the right of the front porch. Through the garage is where I access the basement for now.

The next three show the basic live space available and the hand bucketing of concrete that was required for pouring the floor. The basement was originally dirt, and I added a sump/perimeter drain plus an extra concrete footer around the perimeter of the brick walls. The basement studio was being done in conjunction with major renovation upstairs over the last few years.


The studio plan used an existing space where the former owner poured a previous slab for the control room (11x 15) and the live room which is being pictured/concreted here. In all, it will consist of one live room and one small control room.

The only wall that was built is the wall in between the control room and live room. The control room dimension ended up being what the previous owner poured as a storage space/slab , roughly 15 deep, 11 feet wide. When I poured the rest of the basement, we took another foot of dirt out for the live room and the two slabs (control room & live room) do not touch. The entire basement is now dry as a bone, with a perimeter drain system and sump (used to be water down there on wet days). A vapor barrier was also placed under the new slab.

The window wall is pretty massive, about 16" deep. Dissimilar mass on each side. I built two massive safe-style doors out of particle board -- they are over 100lbs each -- that I hope I took construction pictures of (somewhere) that are now in the doorway.

One picture shows the temporary ramp I built to slide the 800 lb Trident down.

You can see the original 703 treatment and burlap behind the console that I had prior to adding the soffit mounts.

An the finished Live studio.

Next I've added the soffit mounts starting like this



Insulation was added and it's ready for the beazels


Beazels and hangers added

and finished off


My soffits are pretty much done and look/sound awesome IMO

cheers Dave



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