Scotts studio is listed in the forum in this thread.

It's built in a beautiful Australian setting.

The studio is built in an outer shed.

Framing starts

It's hard work- makes you pant:)


This is what Scott has to say - Scott BTW is a very experienced aussie engineer.

Hi John final pictures ,just want to say how happy I am with the studio it sounds fantastic.
Have just fired up the KRK RP8 rockets and sounds fantastic the bottom end is low and even.
Infact both rooms sound very even throughout freq range.
I have just setup some drums will send you a pic of how they look in Booth they sound great by the way Quote John Sayers "You wont get a john Bonham sound " but.... it sound fantastic it was well worth doing this properly
Can you add this from me on the web page : Thanks to John for his constant guidance and help throughout this project. Without his help I would not have been able to build a studio that looks and more importantly just sounds Fantastic Thanks John.

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