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PostPosted: Fri Jun 18, 2021 11:27 pm 
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very nice! also really good to include the CAT 6/7/8 cable because if you need to expand your IO you can use digital wiring in analog mode as well as digital patch units.


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PostPosted: Sat Jun 19, 2021 7:58 am 
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Look for your posts daily to see what you have done this week. Please take a picture of your view. Very curious :) Love what you've done to the place :wink:

I echo Glenn on the CAT 6e. I just rewired one of my studios and have to say Dante is the way to go all day, every day. Obviously you need Dante equipment.

The other item I noticed was your amount of AC plugins. Every build I do now has an AC plug every 4-5 feet down each wall. You will thank me later. And even then a power strip is needed from time to time. I do surface mount with gray PVC conduit and gray surface mount receptacles. Something to think about.

I look forward to more progress.


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PostPosted: Sun Jun 20, 2021 12:17 am 

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Thanks Tom.. We are putting two outlets for power on each of the walls in the live room. Each will have 3-4 outlets, so we can avoid extension bars on the floor. We will for sure install CAT cable as well. There are two data cables running in each wall as well. It was hard to see in the pictures..

Dr Space or Scott or Ricardo...


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PostPosted: Tue Jul 20, 2021 1:25 am 

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June 17th-18th

They made a huge progress on putting the rock wool into the walls and Paul got the main windows in the live room part all plasterboarded and it looks great. Good progress despite no one showing up on until 12 on Friday and paul only working part of the day Thursday. Looking good though.

June 20th

FUCK….. We had a lot of rain the last couple of days and there is a lot of water inside the studio and one place where it is running down the back wall and onto the floor in a section they already put the rock wool up. Also at the front, water has been dripping through the roof and splashing all over the plasterboard in 2 places. It is quite wet. I have now covered almost half the roof with a black tarp weighted down with bricks. It overhangs the back wall so no water should be getting into that gap between the bricks and cement. I also put a bucket where the water was splashing and some blue insulation for what does come through to splash on and not get the plasterboard any wetter. I also found out that Jose and Gil did not secure the rock wool on Friday (I actually think they totally forgot to go back and cover it) and most of it was uncovered and now soaking wet. Fuck….

June 22nd

Paul and the guys arrived about 9 today… Paul was only here for 30mins but the guys managed to get all the rock wool in on the perimeter walls and plasterboard on the bottom 2/3rds of one of the side walls. Paul said they would finish all the plasterboard on the perimeter walls tomorrow and they plan to pour the cement for the final floor on Thursday.

After that they can finish the roof (just needs the insulation and tiles) and finish the wall at the top of the roof. They will also need to add an overhang on the side since Paul missed in the plans that the roof was to cover the side wall on the house side.

I asked about the windows but he did not have a delivery date…

June 23rd

Gil and José were here at 8:40, the earliest I have ever seen them before. They are only working inside on the walls so it is cool even though we will get up to 23-24C today. Feels hotter after a week of cold crap summer weather.. The first layer of plasterboard is nearly done all around the perimeter. Paul showed up 10:30 or so and has been working on the internal walls. It is great to see just where those walls will be now. Wow… Not sure if he will only get the frames up today or also the plasterboard. IT will be a lot slower to do the last 1-2 meters of plasterboard for the top. They can get a lot done when all 3 of them are here. I got a bill for 1000€ from Paul but no details except that it was for labour and additional costs for doing the inside of the studio. I am asking for a breakdown, so I know what I am paying for..

June 24th

Gil and José showed up about 10 til 9 and seem set on pouring the entrance way floor straight away. Gil is making the cement (it is hot today, going to be 28C in the shade) and José is spreading it out to make the smooth floor. Still having the crane is making this job much easier. It is still probably 20 loads of cement as you only get 2 full wheelbarrows per batch that can be brought down with the crane. It is pretty smooth but there are still some semi-circular lines that stick up. I hope you won’t feel these through the linoleum floor. Not sure yet what the floor will be in the entrance way yet. I guess they will leave today when they are finished with this as they can’t get in the building to do much after this unless they crawl through one of the smaller window slots but these are partially covered up with the outside insulation. We will see…

Wrote to Joules today about a simple contract and what materials he might want ordered soon but got no reply. Busy man…

June 25th

Gil and José should up at 1215 today.. Cement in the entrance way was hard and pretty smooth but some semi-circular lines. I guess this can not be avoided. Hope you don’t feel them through the linoleum. Anyway, thought they would pour cement today but it is too late so they are starting to put the 2nd layer of plaster board up now in the front of the building. I wish we had some windows now as this is the final wall and vulnerable if we do get some wet weather. Lets see how far they get with the 2nd layer of plasterboard.

June 29th

Paul arrived first at 8:40 and we discussed the new bill 680€ (for the labour for the inside wall building) and what will happen this week. They will not pour the floor until tomorrow in the live room and will focus on the 2nd layer of plaster board for the walls. They will not do the roof this week so if it still looks like possible rain on Saturday, we will have to cover the roof with plastic again. Progress is slow..

Anyway, the guys got almost the entire perimeter done with the 2nd layer of plasterboard now. Probably 2hrs work in the morning with Paul and they will be ready to do the floor, I guess. The internal walls still do not have the rock wool and 1st layer of plasterboard on yet.

June 30th

Guys were here about 8:45 and Paul showed up about 11. They finished the other side wall with the 2nd layer of plasterboard, so only the front of the live room is left and the middle walls between the control room, live room and entrance room. They are pouring the live room floor at the moment. Paul estimates it is about 2m3 of cement, about 20 mixer loads. Gil is making the cement and Paul and José are spreading it out to 5 cm and making it very even and hopefully smooth. It is very dry cement. Seems it was too wet when they did the entrance way and that is why we have all the ridges. Shot some pics and videos of them pouring the cement through the roof. They will get back here on Friday by Lunch..

I confirmed with Paul and Joules now about the ceiling and Paul will make the flat entrance way ceiling with a hatch and then the suspended ceiling only for the live room and not the rest of the building. Paul figures it is maybe 2 weeks to finish all the inside, which includes the taping, filling and painting of the walls inside as well as the ceiling.

July 1st

No one here.

July 2nd

Guys showed up about 13 today. Only managed to get the front (windows) wall and part of the entrance room wall finished with the 2nd layer of plasterboard. Turns out one of the dogs walked in their on the wet cement so there are a few paw prints! Damn… Anyway, the entire live room is boarded now so I can get the final dimensions for the printed vinyl floor and send these to dave! It is going to look pretty amazing.. I covered the roof with plastic with the guys today as there is like 40% chance for rain tomorrow and it could just ruin the walls if all that water comes in through the roof cement ceiling since we still have no roof. I think they will do the roof next week.

July 6th

Gil and José showed up a bit before 9 and are focusing in finishing the interior walls, it seems. We had some rain last night and there was a small leak in the ceiling where the pole meets the roof but no walls there so not a big deal at all. Hardly any water. Phew…

Paul showed up today for a brief bit and we talked about the money squeeze he is in as he can not get the VAT money back that he has paid (but I have not) until mid August, at least. Got a few invoices that I have to pay for the labor on the wall in the front of the building. 400€.. Anyway, the materials for the roof will arrive on Thursday, so they plan to focus on that once the stuff is here. The interior walls will be double boarded and filled with rock wool by the end of the day. They will also extend the interior wall above the control room to the ceiling. All that will be left on the inside for them to do is patch, tape and paint the inside walls white.

Paul said the places where the dog walked on the wet cement will be filled with latex when we lay the linoleum floor.

July 7th

Gil and José were here about 8:50. They worked only on the internal walls. Almost all the walls have rock wool and at least the first layer of drywall now. They only have two small areas left to put rock wool. Then the 2nd layer of the plasterboard. Materials for the roof should come tomorrow. Mario’s is often not delivering when they say they do though. At least they fixed our road today!! Finally after 26 months of waiting. Good progress though.. I they can probably finish the 2nd layer on all the remaining walls in one more day. Then they have to tape, fill and paint but I guess they don’t do this until they finish the suspended ceiling in the live room.

July 8th

Guys made great progress on the walls. Almost totally done with the 2nd layer all the way around.

July 9th

Measured the final floor for the live room 5 x 6.27 x 6.2 x 4.08. About 30m2. I can order the final floor at some point now. Just need to get David Graham to resize the image!! José is working by himself today. One wall left to finish in the control room and then we can move all the plasterboard out into the live room so it will be clear for Joules.. Exciting.

Spoke to Joules and looks like they will not start before end of August. Bummer… He said for the walls, to just put the primer coat of paint after they will all the holes and joints with filler.

July 13th
The guys worked more on the taping, plastering and filling and a bit of sanding on the internal walls.

July 14th
They finally started on the roof. They start with putting the 6cm thermal layer first and these are all interlocked so nothing much can get through to the roof. They are all cut to size. Then they attach the tile rails and then the tiles. They finished about 1/2 the roof. It was over 30C today so hot for those guys.. Phew

July 15th

They finished the major part of the roof and just have to cement the top tiles into the wall and do the sides and it will be complete. Looks great…

July 16th

They only did the cementing today and cleaning up all the plasterboard pieces, rock wool, and different plastic and stuff that has littered the place. They also moved the scaffolding and other stuff from in front of the building so we can do the tiling when ever we want to. They started like 11 today. I measured the final dimensions for the live room now that both layers of plasterboard are up: 5m x 3.8.

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