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Help Needed To Convert My living Room into a Mixing Room
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Author:  nickalpha [ Sat Sep 19, 2020 5:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Help Needed To Convert My living Room into a Mixing Room

Hello Guys i need help with converting my living room to a mixing room. My Goal here is to create a mixing environment that i can mix in that will translate. This room is only for mixing no recording of any sort. I am just starting the process of treating the space. Currently the room as no Acoustic treatment. As for isolation i know i will not be able to get much since i am in a rented house, what i have done so far is to block up both windows and it as helped a lot in terms of some isolation. the Room dimensions are 17' 3'' Length 10' Width 8' 8'' Height and all walls are Concrete made of 4'' blocks with pockets filled with Concrete. Walls are 4'' thick including the ceiling. My neighbors get loud at times i get like 53 db with my meter at times i live on the same building. I live in Kingston Jamaica where some material are hard to find and expensive so any alternative would be welcome. My Monitors are the Kali Lp 6s Plugged into my digi003. My budget at the current moment is $500 US can push this a bit if needs be.


1. What treatment should i start with base on my rooms dimensions and my REW results.
2. Can this room be use and get to where i can mix and the mix translate.
3. how can i attach my Mdat files

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